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Here are four reasons why you should choose FOOLXPRESS

Beyond Fair Wages: A Holistic Approach to Job Satisfaction

While fair wages are essential for meeting financial obligations, they are not the sole determinant of job satisfaction. Potential employees consider various factors when choosing or staying with a company. At FOOLXPRESS, we recognize the importance of our company culture, mission statement, and values. We pride ourselves on being a flexible, innovative, and dynamic organization that also prioritizes the well-being of our employees.

Exceptional Benefits for Retirees

We offer outstanding benefits for retired individuals. Our commitment to their well-being extends beyond employment. We invite you to learn more about our advantages in a personal (online) meeting where we can discuss how FOOLXPRESS can support your post-retirement life.

Innovative Driver Scheduling

Long absences from family and burnout are significant concerns for many drivers. At FOOLXPRESS, we offer flexible hours and part-time plans to address these issues. Our successful fleet management relies on rotating shifts, where work is divided among teams of two or three part-time workers. This approach ensures our vans stay on the road, productivity remains high, and drivers have ample time to rest and spend with their families.

Listening and Valuing Our Drivers

Experienced drivers often leave their jobs due to a lack of appreciation and respect. Professional drivers desire more respect from customers and the public, as well as greater understanding from office colleagues about the challenges they face on the road. At FOOLXPRESS, we actively involve our employees in decision-making. We believe that a team is always stronger than an individual, so we keep our drivers informed and seek their candid feedback on changes and opportunities.

Choose FOOLXPRESS for a comprehensive approach to job satisfaction, exceptional benefits, innovative scheduling, and a company that truly values and listens to its drivers.

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